Girls in Moscow: Where to Meet Them?

 Where to Meet a Girl in Moscow

A whole article devoted to people living in Moscow? Yes, friends. However, this is no accident. In this article, you’ll learn all about the difference between Moscow and other cities as well as about the different approaches to dating.

 Let's start with simple differences. In Moscow, it is difficult to get acquainted. The competition is tough. But in Moscow, it is easy to get acquainted. Here girls are less shy of their desires. And there are so many girls in the streets!

 But there are some peculiarities depending on different places. And before we get into peculiarities, let's start with one fundamental topic.

Is There a Universal Way of Dating That Is Suitable for Everyone?

Do not smile reading this. But people are really looking for a magic pill on the Internet. No such pill exists. But there’s something you should think about before you move on.

 So, maybe you've noticed that people are different not only in appearance, but also in their behavior, and the way they feel. Surely, there are places where you feel comfortable and those in which, frankly speaking, not so much.

 Perhaps you should not read the article further, because it will not be anything about how to meet a girl at the club. But about other places today we will talk in detail.

Cheating Spots or Places in Moscow Where the Girls Themselves Want to Meet

The most cheater place is speed dating – or speed dating parties. But it will be cheating provided that you favorably differ from the majority of the gray mass in terms of accuracy in clothing and the ability to hold a fascinating conversation for 5 minutes. You have to keep the first conversation going for 5 minutes. But it is also often fun.

 The second place where to meet a girl in Moscow is clubs. If you like clubs and you have a lot of energy to "light", do not avoid this opportunity.

 The third type of place – exhibitions, museums. You see a lonely girl at an exhibition – she wants to see you on a date. Or any other man who talks to her. You have to admit it, it’s nice to know that girls from Moscow actually want to meet and date guys.

Top 3 Places

Street. Yeah, does not sound too exciting. But with properly pumped skills—efficiency is impressive.

Malls. Here the situation seems to be more complicated. Shopping centers in Moscow are flooded with alpha males looking for ladies. However, there are dozens of malls where you can look for a nice lady yourself.

Subway. Subway is a great place, and almost no one chooses to meet people there. Among subway stations these are recommended:


Prospekt Mira,



The subway has its own nuances. Girls are in a hurry. And if you do not use an "unusual interrupt", then, as a result, you will get a common answer that girls give without hesitation. It doesn't matter if she likes you or not. It's like an algorithm that works when you approach it.

So if you want to meet a girl on the subway, start by stopping her. Tell her what you were doing here at this station, where you were going, or where you were coming from. Give her a little compliment. And keep the conversation going.