Five Types of Moscow Girls

Types of Girls in Moscow

All the girls in Moscow can be divided into three types: smart, kind, and beautiful. But you can come across some mixed types, for example:

  1. Beautiful and smart, but a bitch.
  2. Good and smart, but ugly.
  3. Beautiful, intelligent, and good, but the man next to her doesn't appreciate it.

But these are not all the characteristics of females. Character is another important feature to consider as it is different for everybody. Keep reading and find out what kind of girl you have.


You can meet this type of girl in the library, or at various exhibitions in museums. They often hang out in Internet cafes. What you think of Gauguin or Levitan is very important to her. She'll surprise you with quotes or some abstruse phrases and expressions you may never have heard. If you are interested in architecture or poetry, then you have something to discuss and you should consider it. If not, you're unlikely to find anything more suitable.

This type of girl enjoys going to restaurants. It’s most likely that she likes dry white wine, coffee and green tea. In sexual terms, she adheres to traditional poses and ways. Everything should be just as it is written in books. She can justify any your misdeeds and point out the best you’ve done. She can even call you a genius. Such girls are rare, and guys often run away from them.


Finding a girl like that is like finding a treasure. She’ll always give you a hand when you need help. She’ll watch football and action movies with you and discuss them afterward. She easily agrees to all traditionally male types of activities. And if you get drunk or sick, she will brew chamomile tea to only make you feel better. She is not afraid of anything. Her main criterion in life is an equal partnership.


In her eyes, you always see a plea. This is a lady that is unable to overcome even a small obstacle. She can't even walk around a puddle in the street. She likes to go to the theater and watch drama movies. In terms of sex, she does it only in a strictly classical position when the parents are in the countryside. If you stumble, she will answer with silent disapproval. If you ask where she wants to go on holidays, she will say that it doesn’t matter, the main thing is that there the sunset should be beautiful. This type of girls is very common and dangerous. By the way, there is often a truly powerful woman hiding under the surface.


It’s rather complicated to meet this type of girls. They mostly stay at home, go out rarely, but often visit their friends. If you meet, you will see for yourself that such ladies always make their house clean and nice for guests. For friends staying overnight, there is always a bathrobe with slippers and a new toothbrush. She’ll treat you only with those meals she cooks herself, which are always delicious. She is kind and peaceful.


This type of girls cannot be called calm. Almost all of them know how to drive and have a car. They like to command, and they are born-leaders in life. She can easily skip a date, but she will try to warn you about it. The initiative is constantly in her hands, and she can trust you with only small things. There’s nothing she couldn’t do, and she can always find a way out.