10 Places to Meet Girls in Moscow

Where to Meet Girls in Moscow: 10 Top Places

Let’s talk about those places where you can practice dating and get results.

These places are time-tested. there are places for beginners and for those who have already learned a lot about the subject. 

One day you might ask a question. "I came to Moscow. Where do I meet a girl in Moscow?" And there’s no single answer because there are many such places and you can read about them.

Arbat—The Kremlin

Why the city center? People come here to relax and see the sights. That is, the girl walks calmly, she is relaxed and enjoys the moment.

The girl takes photos of beautiful places on the Arbat and the Kremlin background. 90 percent of the girls who walk around the center — are tourists, when you come and meet them showing that you are well-oriented in Moscow or even Muscovite. The girls will appreciate it because they want to walk around the city, hang out, learn about new places that they had not heard of.

European Mall

The shopping center in Kievskaya station is the driving range.

This mall itself is the number one shopping center in Moscow + it’s in  downtown.

The traffic is huge; a lot of people visit it and on weekdays and weekends.

To the shopping center, girls come for shopping. They walk through all the shops, on all floors, look, measure, shop and enjoy life. Scientists have proved that when a person does shopping, they produce hormones of happiness and in this state, they are more open to communication and dating.

Again, it all depends on how you will meet a girl.

Subway (any station)

In Moscow, the subway is grand, and it's a good place for dating because not many people choose to meet there. Thus, for any girl you approach, you automatically become the best.

Subway dating criteria:

  • keep the distance
  • do not speak loudly,
  • try to establish eye contact before you approach anybody

Club Gypsy

Why Gypsy?

Because the girls there are nice. There’re good-looking girls from 20 to 27-28 years old. The face-control is tough, and you will not meet rude people there.

Starbucks on Old Arbat

Starbucks in Moscow is now turned into a certain house at number 2.

Why? Because girls who go to Starbucks after studies or work, take coffee and sit there alone or talking to friends. Here you can easily talk to them, ask what kind of coffee they prefer and how they like the local atmosphere. You have already started a dialogue if you do everything correctly.

Mega Mall

Mega is a large shopping center where on weekends people come to buy food or household items. The feedback from most people who met someone there is great and at least there’s an opportunity to have fun.

 So, let's say the territory is free of alpha-males. There’re girls from 24 to 35 years old. You can start the conversation with topics related to shopping.

 If you meet a nice girl when she chooses a bed, then you can safely start a conversation about furniture and then look at the reaction and act. The main advantage is, as previously mentioned—there is no competition!

Bar on 1905 street

The bar is called 2305. Friday/Saturday is perfect.

Bars and clubs are mostly for those who want a quick relationship and have an hour or so to find a girl to talk and get closer. There are pros and cons, but in this article, they are not relevant.

 There’s mostly techno music and you can easily dance to it. Also girls there often drink, why? 5 days a week they work and at the weekend they want to relax. Girls drink a little bit, become sociable, and turn into lovely girls.

 In this particular bar, there’re always many sweet girls partying.

Kamergersky lane

In Kamergersky pereulok, there are many hookah cafes and bars, where often young girls relax and walk down the street, after a tasty hookah or after a glass of champagne.

The perfect place to get acquainted and communicate with girls in Moscow. They are emotionally relaxed, walking, having fun.

Hookah Number one on Novy Arbat

How many times people go there with friends and meet interesting girls!

Girls here are posher because the average bill for a hookah is 2000-2500 rubles.

Afimol city or Moscow city

If you meet someone in Afimol, you will find an office girl in a white shirt and a black skirt or pants. Basically, there’re people relaxing after a long working day.

Nothing can stop you if you want to meet a girl. Now you have an understanding of where in Moscow you can meet a nice lady. But maybe fear stops you: fear of rejection, not knowing what to talk about, how to communicate, and much more. Once you start the conversation, you’ll learn to enjoy the process.