Moscow Girls Want to Look Different


Who Do Moscow Girls Want to Look like?

Nothing can replace individuality and natural beauty. But it is a fact that currently, the corrections of the body within reasonable limits are in great demand. There are more plastic surgery clinics in Moscow than there are dental offices. A specialist on bringing balance to the appearance, the candidate of medical sciences, and co-owner of one of the best of the Russian clinics of aesthetic medicine NataTopchiashvili wondered at the following question: "Who does a modern Moscow girl wants to be like?" With the help of colleagues and employees, through whose hands dozens of beauties pass weekly, Nata gathered information and came to the conclusion: the young ladies living in Moscow know exactly what they want from plastic surgery and for what purposes.

Moscow Girls, What Are You Made Of?

To begin with, Moscow girls request a thin face, a neat nose, big eyes, and expressive lips. Among the elements of a sleek body are high-quality breasts and buttocks, which are mandatory. Moscow girls can be easily called perfectionists. For example, girls from St. Petersburg are more restrained in their manifestations. They prefer, as a rule, high-quality face and neck lifting, and nothing more. However, in matters of breast shape correction, they agree with Moscow girls.

The trend of the last decade remains unchanged. Many men in Moscow want to have a copy of Angelina Jolie as their partner.

Russian guys want to see two girls. The first is a girl to go out with, the second is the best for family life. The first should have the appearance of "Miss Universe", the second must fulfill the life order, which is desirable for this particular man: these types are so different that they can not be classified. But not many people are ready to have two young ladies for different purposes as it is both difficult and costly. A copy of Angelina Jolie is the perfect option, which combines both qualities because she is a sexual goddess and a lovely wife-mother. Catching the trend, modern girls tend to combine both images!

Plastic Surgery Cannot Make a Girl Charming

Any harmonization of appearance is performed only on a thin face. It is like a white canvas on which other facial features can be increased: eyes, lips, high cheekbones, nose, etc. Thus, the result, in any case, is never a total copy, and it is only inspired by a certain appearance.

Experts have repeatedly created masterpieces of aesthetic medicine. But they cannot enhance allure, inner sexuality, charm, and intellect and give a girl the same chemistry that unites and separates some couples.

Almost 18 percent of women, who decide to change their appearance in Moscow, turn to specialists with a request to achieve maximum similarity with Angelina Jolie. Her image is seen as a perfect sample because such an appearance in our society is perceived as the standard of family and social success.

A little more than 10 percent want to repeat the looks of Megan Fox. The short and upturned upper lip of the actress is giving the look a barely perceptible childishness. This is the phenomenon of Megan's popularity as experts explain.

The attractiveness of Megan Fox is partly created by her plastic surgeon: with a special technique of correction of the nose, the upper lip was lifted even more. Using cheiloplasty (the correction of the shape and size of the lips) such a result is harder to achieve. It makes Megan look great, but as we see, the number of people willing to have the same face is growing.

It seems that Marilyn Monroe has always been a legend. But, judging by the number of requests to change the shape of the nose and adjust the lips to her appearance, mature women and their husbands are seriously nostalgic for the appearance of the actress.