Girls in Moscow: Where Experts Recommend to Find Them

Where Experts Think You Should Meet Girls in Moscow

The usual circle of communication of a guy in Moscow includes university, office, friends, neighbors and does not always give an opportunity to meet a dream girl. Then all the instincts and reflexes take a break from hunting to self-expression and reproduction in dreary silence.

But in such a huge human anthill as Moscow, so many people meet every day in different parts of the city. Most of them are random encounters of guys with bright and attractive girls. And meeting ladies is not as unattainable as it may seem.

Habitats to Discover

You will be extremely surprised, but the place and the reason for acquaintance with a girl in Moscow can happen at the most unexpected points—from gas stations or traffic jams on the road to veterinary clinics and stores.

 Girls, like all people, have their everyday problems. To start a conversation with a girl you like, you need a topic to discuss and some human sympathy.

 As an option:

"When I'm stuck in traffic, I listen to the radio, audiobooks, or my favorite band»;

"What is wrong with your cat? I know a great vet, who saved my cat two years ago»;

"We also experienced such natural disaster as renovations."

This method of dating works flawlessly if you are sincere and witty.

 But it conceals some tricks. Some girls like to talk a lot. And if you touch upon the topic they are really interested in, it is possible that at some point you’ll have to flee.

List of Locations Everybody Has Their Own Spot

For the true pros, the geography of dating does not matter. But beginners should make a list of sites in Moscow, where it is easy to meet girls.

 Locations to add to the list:

  • speed dating parties;
  • bars, cafes, clubs;
  • exhibitions, museums, theatres, popular courses;
  • shopping center;
  • subway, bus and railway stations, airports;
  • parks, swimming pools, gyms, stadiums;
  • Internet (social networks, dating sites);
  • street.

Mini Dating—What Speed Dating Is

Meeting 10-12 in a few hours—such a speed is unbelievable even for extra-pros in this genre. You can set a new record if you go to the bars in Moscow where popular speed dating parties are hosted.

 But it is worth knowing that during speed dating:

  • there are no ladies who have involuntary salivation at the sight of males;
  • guys do not need to reinvent the wheel trying to attract the attention of girls;
  • you have to think quickly and appreciate not only the “interface” but also the key "apps" and "bugs" in the mind of every girl;
  • in a few minutes of conversation, you need to present yourself in the best way to the girl and really interest her;
  • stale t-shirt, dirty sneakers, and dirty nails will only repel the lady you like.

Clubbing All Night

Night clubs in Moscow are designed to meet girls in an informal setting. It is more than possible to meet with a brilliant and beautiful woman. Driven by the same hunting instinct as you, they are found here in search of a pretty single man. But the next morning, when the club’s smoke clears, the headache and the desire to ask the girl’s phone number usually disappear. Sometimes with the girl herself.

Testing Ground – Cafes and Bars

Not as exciting, but much more effective in terms of the prospects of dating and long-term relationships, the needed experience can be found in any bar or a cozy cafe in Moscow. Of course, if you clumsily start a conversation with a girl, you can always flee. However, important details, nuances, and interjections matter. You do not need to be a psychologist to correctly assess the situation.

 A girl can be bored alone for a number of reasons:

  • she’s waiting for her boyfriend;
  • she needs to work in a cozy atmosphere at her computer;
  • she needs to just kill some time, stay warm, eat, etc.;

Your task is to be Holmes and Watson at the same time, i.e. to show the miracles of deduction and correctly guess why she’s there alone.

  • If a girl is frankly bored, she is usually glad to see a nice young man ready to brighten up her loneliness. In this case, ask simple questions—how often does she come here, what meals would she recommend, what kind of music she likes, etc.;
  • a girl waiting for a date is easy to determine by how often she looks at the clock, her phone, and the entrance. If you are an adrenaline-addict, you can take a chance and
  • talk to her. But then there is a chance you’ll hear all she thinks about men in general and you in particular, and in addition, get kicked from the bar when her boyfriend arrives;
  • girls are strange creatures. When they are in a bad mood, they are not interested in quietly suffering somewhere in a dark corner. Cafe or bar, of course, is such a good place to sit with a stone face and think about problems, not seeing anyone around. If the whole performance is designed for you, it is easy to read the barely seen looks and gestures of the "sufferer". A glass of whiskey or Martini will quickly cheer the girl up and serve as a good start for dating;
  • if a girl looks at her smartphone or works at the computer, it is better not to distract her. Although everything that concerns the hardware and the Internet can be a great opportunity to meet. After all, true professionals always have something to talk about.

Museums and Theatres—Looking for Smart Ladies

With museums, concerts, and theaters in Moscow, everything is very simple. If you are interested in girls visiting such places, then you have something to talk about. So, you can easily express your opinion to the girl you like about the performance or the next exhibition. You can do it to worm your way into the crowd of aesthetes, in which she found herself.

 If by chance at a creative party a girl is alone, then you have all the cards and flags in hand. At such events, girls who are alone usually feel uncomfortable. She will, therefore, be happy to see someone, who will save her from the discomfort of the usual question: "How do you like the show (a play, concert, film, literary evening)?»

 But before you make a move, make sure that her man is not wandering somewhere around the corner. To distinguish a girl that is alone and waiting for someone and a really lonely girl you can use the same Holmes and Watson technique. The first one behaves confidently and calmly. The second is slightly nervous even if she tries to look confident and independent.

Chat and Meet Ladies from Moscow Online

On the Internet, where people use beautiful pictures trying to hide a true personal story, their own rules of the game apply. The Internet makes it possible to carefully analyze different photos, posts, open correspondence of a girl. If the profile has no information, but a photo of young Angelina Jolie used as a profile picture, there’s nothing to work with.

 Your own account should be full of bright moments of holidays, meetings with friends, hobbies, professional success, etc.